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RS stock use

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well, i belong to many other forums but still trying to get more info on this topic. Has anyone here mod'd a RS (real stock) to fit their VSR. Mainly im concerned about the McMillan stocks; if you have or some place did it for you; how'd they do, etc.....

THanks for the help
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DO NOT touch McMillan stocks! They are aluminium piller bedded and are extremely tough to machine. I have a McMillan stock on my RS M700 and had to do a little modding to get it to use my detachable mag thing. My best bet to you would be to get a cheap stock and experiment around with that.
I think it would be better to get some 10/22 Bell and Carlson stocks and grind away with a Dremel. They aren't usually bedded and can be "machined" with a Dremel fairly easy.
oh, wow; didn't know McMillan would be that much of a problem. I saw someone on one forum i belong to used a McMillan....any other RS stock you'd rec that resembles the m40a3 stock
do you know of another real stock that would work well; im trying to see if i can get a RS one close to that of a m40a3 made by fortress.....would something like the HS precision ones work that are made for the m24/Rem 700?
Oakey said:
You can buy my Fortress stock from me for fairly cheap.
wazzy1013, Please you proper spelling and grammar, which includes capital letters at the beginning of sentences, capitalizing proper nouns, and the appropriate punctuation at the end of a sentence.
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