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S&T DSR-1 help!!!

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So I bought a DSR-1 from Evike for 369 dollars plus tax.
This is my favorite gun from video games, no matter what game i always pick this one.
So i spent about a month of looking around and researching.
I knew i had to tweak the gun.
so i went out to a field to know how much i had to tweak it.
I went to Hill 559 to do a few test games to see personally what to do.
I noticed that the pellets dropped severely like after about ~100-200 ft, it was cronoed at 395 FPS.
I went to adjust the hop up and the manual says to use an allen key to do it so i tried and tried and tried and to no avail the pellets still divebombed.
I used different sizes, I pressed it in and turned, both didn't work.
However where the hopup is supposed to be there is threading like a screw is supposed to be, it might be how I adjust the hopup, if that's the case.
After that, at my place, i live in a culdesac, and my brother made range markers for his sniper rifle and i used them as well.
It turns out that the pellets start to drop severely at around 150 feet.
I want to adjust the hop-up without having to take it apart but if i have to that's ok. I want to keep the gun and use it extensively, i don't mind taking it apart
Please help
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I just realized this is the HPA tab my bad
Hop-up screw

Where the hop up adjustment is(the threading you found) there should be a 'headless' screw sometimes it falls out during shipping, it presses the 96 type hopup chamber. Can't really help you to find replacement , sorry for late reply.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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