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I know some out here are running SASS
( Semi-Auto Sniper Systems ).
Being the NKOTB, thought I'd see if there are any recent pics and users
of SR-25s and M14s. ?

a quick pic of my SR-25:

She's a / the G&P ver.
bought off UNc. Used @ IRENE-5
avg fps: 409 ( w/systema M120) considering an M130 ?? ))
stock G&P Sector gear, Systema Steel Bevel & Spur Gears
G&P upgraded ( Red ) piston ( replaced O-ring for better seal in the
cylinder )
Systema Hop-up unit
Systema HT Magnum motor

& I replaced the selector switch, so she will ONLY shoot SEMI.
I do use the Supressor, it does make a difference in reducing the
muzzle "crack".
G&P M3 glass ( w/ an extender & ARD )
she can hit a Chest area @ about 200ft
( w/ decent BB flight, using excel bio-25 )

So, now I just need to get me a chrono, so once I upgrade her to the M130, I'll know where shes at.
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Wow, that is a sexy gun. I like what you've done with it inside and out. Getting the M130 is definitely a good idea, you'll like how it feels I think.

Just curious, you said that you modded the selector switch so that it only shoots semi, don't SR-25's come like that? With just a 'safe' and 'fire' option.
thats what they say...
but the FIRE Selector lever actually has a notch cut so it will move
past the "Safe" bloc:

the AEG will FIRE in full auto.
simple, just replaced the stock lever w/ an extra 1
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It's got sorta a .50 cal look to it, I'm not sure if it's the big scope, or if it's the style mag, either way. Looks good. Here is mine:

Currently shoots about 425-450 FPS, I've got the following:
-Madbull M120 Spring (Soon to get PDI 170%... Maybe)
-Aluminum Piston Head
-Reinforced Gears
-455 mm 6.04 Tightbore
-Bearing Spring Guide

I haven't done any sort of jute/burlap "Ghillie" job to do, but when I get in the field I usually throw vegetation into the ported holes around the barrel as well as in the gap between the claw mount and the actual rifle. She shoots alright, but right now I'm looking for something else.
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Looking good man, you might wanna go with a PDI 200% or 250% spring.
I've got my M4, which before I go full swing back into airsoft should be a finally finished project. This what it is so far.

I need to replace the piston with a more durable one and I also need to get a none ported cylinder as well. I will be getting the madbull patriot sniper kit to replace the entire front end so I will eventually take off teh carrying handle when I get that. I also can't decided what kind of stock I want, if I want to leave it as it is or throw a crane stock on or what.
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umm... If I'm not mistaken that's a CA m24. Not an M4.

The M24 is bolt action, this post is on semi-auto's.
Wow... thats weird.... I swear I copied down the url for my M4... My bad... I fixed it.
you talk'n to me or Mosin ?
the G&P SR-25 does have a reinforced GB, but I'd like to keep the FPS w/in reason.
I like using the excel bio 25s, so if I can get the fps up over 420 w/ those, I'll be happy.
my PSG-1. I've got a bunch of upgrade parts coming in for it so I'll post an update on it once the stuff comes in.

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