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Scheduled games thread.

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You should add a scheduled games thread because every so often there is a game based on snipers, Like the Sniper cup 2008 as found on SEMIA and MIA boards... But I am not sure all of us check those boards as well so might miss out on a wonderful opurtunity
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It's currently in the general section thread, but we'll keep this thought in mind, thanks.

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ok thank you

P.S. You should host more sniper based games.... Not to often do we get to have fun doing what we do best. Usualy we just get to shoot at people with AEG's shooting at each other. This game sounds like a fun challenge and I hope to be there.
Thank you, I look forward to reviewing your application with my co-parter.
It takes a lot of Snipers to host a worthy match. Yes, there are a lot of Snipers out there but it still takes a solid amount.
Yeah, I can't say much for the rest of the Midwest, but in Michigan there are only about 3-4 sniper spotter teams that a fear, luckily, they're all on my team. However, we do have a lot of talent coming from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and North Carolina. So just know that this event is really going to draw attention all over the midwest USA.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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