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Schultz98 introduction

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Name : Matt

Callsign: Schultz(Boring, I know ::))

Experience : 6 years in airsoft, about 10 operations under my belt, no major ones like pine plains or Irene but ops non the less

arsenal : When sniping(which I would assume is really the only important info about my arsenal) I use either a realsword svd with m150 spring(530fps with .2) or a snow wolf M24 which is in the process of being upgraded and set into an SV98 stock, Sidearms include either a KSC system 7 USP or an aks74u on my back.

Camo: Sposn Gorka E suit in SS summer pattern, or flora.

hobbies: xbox, hookah, sporting clays, bird hunting and driving around with friends.

Location: Long Island New York
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Well Hi Matt. Welcome to the forum. Nice you have a RS SVD. What is your fps like +or minus- on it. I don`t remeber the word.

No but in all seriousness that is pretty cool. Make sure to put a thread for that in the project guns section of the gallery.

Also Have you posted pictures of your loadout before because I think I may have seen pictures of that description or similar somewhere else...
Welcome to the board, I'd also like to see the SV98 stock and your loadout.

I would love to see you loadout. Seriously will someone ever make a ptrs.
nelsonho396 said:
I would love to see you loadout. Seriously will someone ever make a ptrs.
Nobody wants to carry around a 6.9 foot 46 pound rifle. That rifle was anti-tank and pretty much made for for 2 people to carry around. It's a cool rifle, but that's one of the main reasons that I hate the CoD series. The make people think that you can run around with a rifle like a PTRS-41, or M240B lol.
I know Wesley. It would be a cool like turret thing or gun just sitting there. As would a Elephant gun. Besides that. Welcome aboard make sure noone trolls you. Look at my karma. I have been trolled by one of the mods.
nelsonho396 said:
Looks at my karma I been trolled by one of the mods.
It's to show that karma means nothing. ;)
Ok thanks fuzzy. Karma makes me sad when everyday I log on and it goes down 5 karma.
I gave you the8,388,694 karma. It took me all night but i did it. (by hacking the one hour limit).....kidding.
Gosh dang it even with the mega karma. People still troll me. I dropped 2 karma today. Yes I do have issues. =)
nelsonho396 said:
Gosh dang it even with the mega karma. People still troll me. I dropped 2 karma today. Yes I do have issues. =)
OCD stop counting. It'll take a while to get into the minus' again. Lol.
Thanks all for the warm welcomes, thats something thats rare on alot of boards. As to those interested in the SV98 build ill be more than happy to share pictures with. Ill post a picture or 2 of my loadout also later.

I also am proud to say yesterday I officially joined the ranks of an airsoft sniper, did my first dedicated day of sniping and not DM'ing. I Flanked a large group of pretty experienced players and took out ~10 of them and their 2 medics out before one found my hide(laying between 2 fallen trees on the low side of the hill.

Also InTheTallGrass, I have postd my loadout on Arnies and Red-alliance before, I normally run a basic modern Russian or late 1980's Soviet rifleman/LMG loadout
Yes I am pretty sure I have seen you. I am not on the forums but I like to browse loadout pictures.
This is pics of me in my flora and my gorka. The m24 im holding is mine and in the second pictures the SVD is mine, but I allowed my friend to hold it. The aks74u(actually is a replica of a bulgarian slr107ur) is my back up I wear on me
Nice guns. What company SVD is it?
as stated on the first said its a real sword svd with m150 spring
Wow I am so we todd ed. That is a nice gun. Just to expensive.
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