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Scope causing hop rise?

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Just wondering, has anyone else out their experienced their scope causing an illusion in which the BB rises, but actually isn't? I'll take a shot while looking through my scope, and the BB will rise out of the FoV a little bit. The next shot I will level out the rifle and shoot. The BB then appears to float strait for a solid hundred to a hundred and twenty five feet or so. The reason I think it may be causing this phenomenom is due to the small objective lense of 32mm and the 4x magnificationf the scope amplifying the effects. Any input or am I crazy?
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Surprisingly, I think I have that issue as well when shooting long distance. But I need to confirm it by tracking it by eye (cause everything is ok when I shoot short distance)
sigh... I have nowhere except during the actual games where I can set my scope properly. The sites I go to only have ranges that are 10m long

And yes.. I think its my crappy scope... I bought it used, but when I look through it in bright daylight, I can see swirls on the glass. >.<
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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