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Scope causing hop rise?

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Just wondering, has anyone else out their experienced their scope causing an illusion in which the BB rises, but actually isn't? I'll take a shot while looking through my scope, and the BB will rise out of the FoV a little bit. The next shot I will level out the rifle and shoot. The BB then appears to float strait for a solid hundred to a hundred and twenty five feet or so. The reason I think it may be causing this phenomenom is due to the small objective lense of 32mm and the 4x magnificationf the scope amplifying the effects. Any input or am I crazy?
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I have a Leapers 4x32 Scope. I don't have it exactly sighted in but after the rise effect it travels flat along the center of the crosshairs.
It has Mil-dots, so I'm thinking that the scope is just magnifying the hop-effect more than my eye does...
Wonko The Sane said:
No one has asked yet as to what range this scope is zeroed at... ?

If you have it set for a considerable amount of range or if your bb/power/hop combination just results in a heavy drop then you have the point of aim (poa) set low, what you are seeing is the BB actually aligning with the poa twice.

Take this picture for example. (Ignore the actual numeral figures.)

Say the yards are feet and this graph is to the extreme, if you have your scope zeroed in to match the poa with the point of impact (poi) at 250ft then you are actually going to have two areas where the poa matches the poi. Thus giving the illusion of a flat shooting rifle to have the illusion of over hop through optics.
This could be causing it, because I have nowhere to zero in the scope. Thus I am left to just looking at how far it goes or using identifable landmarks on google earth for distance...
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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