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Scope causing hop rise?

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Just wondering, has anyone else out their experienced their scope causing an illusion in which the BB rises, but actually isn't? I'll take a shot while looking through my scope, and the BB will rise out of the FoV a little bit. The next shot I will level out the rifle and shoot. The BB then appears to float strait for a solid hundred to a hundred and twenty five feet or so. The reason I think it may be causing this phenomenom is due to the small objective lense of 32mm and the 4x magnificationf the scope amplifying the effects. Any input or am I crazy?
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I had been wondering in general about what this 'phenomenon' exactly is as well; Wonko and fatcat helped me understand I think but let me get this all strait.

So what we are seeing through our scope is our bb raising up then eventually dropping; this is actually the round firing strait but because of the offset of the scope and the barrel, the bb is fired lower and when we sight in our rifle for a long distance we are essentially pointing the scope down so now we have our POA intersecting the bb's flight path at an angle then due to a limited FOV the bb enters that FOV, from the bottom of course, and leaves the FOV at the top while still on a flat trajectory just because it was going strait forward but the scope is viewing at a different angle simply losing track of the bb? ???

I am getting the feeling that I am in one of those situations where I am either right, or sooo dead wrong and have no clue what I am talking about lol. ::)
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