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Scope Concealment

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Hello folks. Total noob starting out on the sniping path, gathering up as much information as I can before I get into the field, so as not to get my rocks shot off when my first day comes.

I've seen the DIY sunshade method of concealing one's scope, as well as the commercially available ones and the beehive-style scope covers. However, I'd like to know if anyone has tried making a slit scope, and if so, if they can offer me any advice.

I like to work by the theory that simple solutions are better than complicated ones, generally speaking, so I'm leaning towards just using a few pieces of tape or a self-cling camo wrap cut into strips - one that matches my rifle's camo pattern, preferably.

Any feedback is appreciated.
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Rubber bands and veg is the way to go, the work perfectly for anything, and they are very simple to use.

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I've used burlap, and that worked well. I do like the slit method though, just a strip of athletic tape with the center cut out and painted with cam cream.
I forgot to mention in the first post, it's kind of an important caveat here... my state's general rule set prohibits ghillie suits. I know, it sucks, but a real sniper can manage without, right?

Rubber bands and local veg, that might be a pretty good option too, since its mostly dry brush around here even in spring.
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Jackknife09, I noticed that you didn't make an intro post. Please do so here. Just trying to make sure Fuzzy or another mod doesn't get mad at you ;)
It's the lense you are trying to cover, right? I guess so since you are talking about sunshades and stuff
Simple is good, just take one of those nylon women panty-things and stretch a part of it over the lense. It will prevent lensglare, and you will still be able to see through it with your scope :)
You could also make a DIY sunshade or something... When it comes to the rest of your scope and rifle, use paint and camo it, and go with rubber bands and vegetation, like the other guys have already told you.

Welcome to the boards, by the way!
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Yeah, it's just the objective lens I'm worried about. My scope is only a 3-9x40, so it isn't huge, but it's enough that if you look at it dead on, it would be obvious enough to give away my position.

I think I'll try out a few solutions, see which ones work, and maybe combine the ones that do.
Sunshade and thin nylon sock, has always worked for me. Just saying ;)
Birds nest. look it up on google or youtube. works pretty well.
Yeah, that is one of my favorites too, Pvt! Solution is to try everything and see what he likes best:)
I personally have not liked using the bird nest method. You run the risk of something coming loose from the nest and getting in the way of your cross hairs. I would either use the nylon method or some type of netting over the end of your scope.
I don't like using it as well, but he asked for different ways to make his scope less visible
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I use burlap and i pull every third strand out and hold it in place with the lense cover which I broke the protective lense out of. I can see through it perfecetly, with minimal light loss and maximum glare reduction, in my opinion. Then natrual veg for the rest of the gun especially on the top of the scope if you dont have windage knobs ive found this to be the area with the least mechanisms also the scope casts one of the greatest outlines.
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