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Scope Leveling Help

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I am having serious trouble leveling my scope so that the crosshairs are straight up/down, and side/side. Does anyone have any tricks that they'd care to share?

I have tried a level, but I do not have a level place in my house to put the gun on, so that is fairly ineffective.

Any help is appreciated!
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Just do it. I mean, set a level out ahead of you and level to that if your that worried about it.

I never had any problem doing mine. I loosened mine and sat back at the butt of the gun, and leveled it to the top of the gun. But then again, if Im having trouble with drift due to hop up and barrel alignment, I adjust the crosshairs so that Im level and straight when I shoot. I dont care if the gun itself is "twisted" as long as the shot is true.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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