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Here is what I have been working on as of late.

Now yes it is not done yet. Still have to smooth some stuff out and add a final layer or paint. But she was done enough for some pics. And a walk through.

I was looking around on line for some different options in scopes. I have always loved the Unertl as well as US optic sights. But there is no way in hell I am going to put a $2000 scope on an airsoft rifle. So I figured I would try and make a look alike, as you can't find a knock off of one as of yet.

Materials needed
1.. Scope, I used an NC Star 4x30mm scope
2.. PVC parts. Just a few small couplers
3.. PVC cement
4.. Bondo
5.. Electrical tape
6.. JB Weld

I took the adjustment caps off and took my smaller couplers and sanded out the inside of the PVC so they would fit nice and snug.

Then taking one of the PVC couplers I put that on the front of the scope. Then found a piece that would fit inside a 1.5" PVC pipe while still fitting on the scope itself.

After I got everything all snug and set, you then take your JB weld and make a snake. Wrap it around the scope and pack it in the space between the PVC and the scope. Allow to dry and sand smooth.

I did the same thing with the bell end of the scope. I wanted a bevel on it to make it look better. So after I got the PVC sections inside of each other I glued them tight. Then took some bondo and filled in the space. Sand smooth and have a nice look.

The same process as before.... rope of JB weld and tuck into PVC and scope.

Have also cut up the stock and am forming that to something I like better. The scope height should be just right for goggle on. I do have a lower set of rings that I am going to probably use. I will have to take a grove out of the bottom of the PVC bell to make it fit. But it should look really good.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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