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Should work fine. Pretty much any cheap scope will work good for airsoft. I always just buy WalMart scopes.
You can do better for Cheaper mate.
Like Inthetallgrass said, you can find better for cheaper. Otherwise it looks fine. Though you might want to invest in some elastic lens covers for between games.
Any cheaper, better recommendations?
jamface54 said:
Any cheaper, better recommendations?
I noticed that you live in the UK, so I'm not knowledgeable about what kind of stores you have over there. Are there any sporting goods stores? They would most certainly have some cheaper options.
Ebay is the main Place that I get my stuff. It's cheaper than anywhere else. I've orderd a scope now anyway so it doesn't matter any more
I need to know something: I am going to be using a 510fps sniper rifle at 150ft. Will a 4x scope work fine? (VS x3-x9 scope?)
Great thanks. And as for the 510 fps? Many are saying its bad? Is it bad to have that high fps, or is it just neutral...
In the words of Fuzzywally, "fps is only a small piece of the pie."
If you have a gun spitting out 1000fps but you cant hit a lorry from 10 meters, then that gun is usless. Fps does not = range.
If your gun has the power to shoot 510fps, then goodie for you. But its waaaay more important to be able to hit your target.
In short, its neuteral.
Thank you. I was getting worried that maybe thay said it was bad because, like, having that much fps decreases accuracy...
If that happens just use heavy bb's
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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