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Scopes & Carbon KC-02

Hey guys I am needing a new scope for my .22lr so I am needing to sell some airsoft goodies to get the scope I am looking at.

The first one is a replica Leupold Mk4 that I have the rings for and is a mil dot scope. It is a good scope and works well for airsoft. It not only looks good on a rifle but it functions great as well. I paid $250-300 for it ( can't remember ) but would like to sell it for $125.

I also have a BSA target scope that I would like to sell as well. It is a mil-dot scope that has an illuminated reticule. This scope started off on one of my target rifles, and have moved it over to my airsoft, and now I don't use it so it is just laying around. I paid $350 for this scope and am looking at getting $120 for the scope.

Both scopes are a 3-9 variable power.... I will check to make sure when I get home.

I am willing to take care of the shipping for you guys here on the forum, so you can get a good scope on your rifles.

I am also considering selling the KC-02 that I am working on right now as well. I am not done with it as of yet, but when it is done I can ship it off if you would like. It currently has a wooden stock, RA tec Npas system, RA Tec 6.01 inner barrel, 5 mags, then I am working on the carbon fiber barrel as well as a carbon fiber suppressor. I also have an archangel deluxe target stock that I am planning on putting on a real 10/22, BUT, if you absolutely need the stock I can sell it with the rifle for you.

The rifle sells for $250, the mags are $30, the barrel $50, the Npas $20, the stock $100, the carbon fiber $50. So there is some money in the build right with that being said if you want the KC-02 and one of the scopes I would be willing to do a package deal for you to help you out. Because you are helping me out, I will help you out ( as well as including a bag or two of bioval .30 ammo )

Let me know what you guys think, and any questions just ask...
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Come on guys, I know you want some of my stuff :D
OH BOY!!! This might be tough... I'm interested in both of the scopes, but can't choose... Would it be a possibility to put up some pictures of them. Just so I can see what kind of condition there in? Even better if you have pictures of them on a rifle (for size comparison).

Before I get your hopes up though, are you able to ship up to Canada?
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Yeah I can get you some pics man. I can get them up here tomorrow when I get home from work. And yeah I have no problem shipping them to Canada, as I only live 4 hours from the border anyway :D

That and it will give me an excuse to get Georges rifle back in the post as well....
Awesome, I'll check back in tomorrow then. Thanks.
I like the second one, is that the BSA one? Also is the sunshade removable?
Yes the bottom one is the BSA, and the sunshade is removable. As well as a lit reticule, but the parallax adjustment is on the bell of the scope.

The top one also has a smaller sunshade, but also has a ARD, and the parallax adjustment is on the side.
Awesome, you weren't kidding about having some nice scopes for my M24. I'm really interested in the BSA scope, would you take PayPal? If so I'll try to order it sometime next payday (November 23rd). Thanks for the pictures by the way, really appreciate it. Oh and is that a confirmation on the 3-9 on the BSA?
I want to say yes, but let me check when I get home tonight ( 0100 ) I will pm you with the info if you would like.

And I have no problem holding the scope for you until then. And if you want can get your a sweet kc-02 to put it on as well ;) :p
Awesome man, thanks. The Kc02 is tempting... But I really should save a little bit of money, lol.
Psh, money is over rated...... send it to me and I will look after it for you :D
Lol, well ya its totally over rated, but Christmas is also coming and I have a large family. So money will disappear faster then I can imagine. Somebody should really figure out that whole money tree concept. I could totally go for five maybe six money trees right now. Then I'll have no problem buying your Kc02, lol. One can only wish though...
The 10/22 is gone.

Should have a nice M4 coming in soon as well ;)
Have you confirmed that the BSA is 3-9?
Sorry man forgot about that ..... it is a 4-16.
Ok guys I adjusted the prices, as Tyson pointed out that the prices have now changed for them. Back when I purchased the scopes they were that much, but being as you can get them new for less than what I was selling them for, figured had to adjust them.

Let me know what you guys think, and am willing to discuss shipping on them as well.
Other scope is sold pending trade.

Holding for a member here......... two week wait
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