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now, im slightly drunk, but i stumbled upon this forum randomly...

ive always been interested in sniping.
ive taken down a stag once from about 350 metres (or so my uncle said) with an "r700p", im guessing that means remington?

anyways, as i said, ive always been interested in the aspect of sniping.
before the telescopic sight, it was troops firing blindly into the enemy, but once snipers came into fruition, it was a single soldier, with the average of 1.7 kills per 1 round expended.

a single shot. a single kill.

that is why ive respected snipers more than infantry.
instead of spray n pray, the sheer calculation that goes into long range shots.... pffft...

but yeah-
hi, im Spunky, and im an oddball.
is that doesnt bother you, then kickass!

peace out,
the one and only Spunky

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Hey buddy, good to see you found this forum... However you did. (Usually typing in Airsoft Sniping brings this up first slot on Google).. Anyways, just use the edit button rather than posting twice in a row (Double Posting). Also, it's good to know that you're interested in it. But I'd say read some stickies on here and check out some shops and stores we've listed in previous topics.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have, however.. People will get a little irrotated and find it sort of rude if you ask a question that has already been answered several times.


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yeah bro, sorry bout that.
too much gin :)

but yeah, ive been on other forums.
i know how irritating it can get when new ppl on the forums dont bother to look at previous posts.

thats what they're there for. but yeah bro...
the main reason im interested in airsoft is-
its cheaper and easier to do. (i mean easier to get into, what with weapons licenses nowadays)
but ive had a look around, and this forum seems pretty damn good.
a lot of members helping each other out.

catch ya later,


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Yet another fellow Brit

Best place for a rifle in the UK is Firesupport in Peterborough, where I get all my gear, or a bit nearer you, Airsoft Scotland. But as an FNG you will need to be regestered to by one.
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