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Scottish Sniper enthusiast

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now, im slightly drunk, but i stumbled upon this forum randomly...

ive always been interested in sniping.
ive taken down a stag once from about 350 metres (or so my uncle said) with an "r700p", im guessing that means remington?

anyways, as i said, ive always been interested in the aspect of sniping.
before the telescopic sight, it was troops firing blindly into the enemy, but once snipers came into fruition, it was a single soldier, with the average of 1.7 kills per 1 round expended.

a single shot. a single kill.

that is why ive respected snipers more than infantry.
instead of spray n pray, the sheer calculation that goes into long range shots.... pffft...

but yeah-
hi, im Spunky, and im an oddball.
is that doesnt bother you, then kickass!

peace out,
the one and only Spunky
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Yet another fellow Brit

Best place for a rifle in the UK is Firesupport in Peterborough, where I get all my gear, or a bit nearer you, Airsoft Scotland. But as an FNG you will need to be regestered to by one.
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