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I've just purchased the SDiK kit for a well mb01 and but unfortunately its not giving me the performance I wanted. I'm currently only getting around 2.5Jon .4g bb's with 2.2J on .2's. I've opened the SDiK to see if there's any reducer kit already installed and there appears to be a while plastic tube already in there, I can't seem to remove this and didn't want to force it out?

Has anyone else had any experience with the SDiK? I hoped to get around 3-3.5J with .48's but at this rate I can only use 4-.43g due to the low fps I'm getting. This image shows the white plastic cylinder I believe to be the volume reducer?

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Yes, that is a volume reducer. It makes the system a little more efficient since the SDIK almost always overvolumes every gun it goes into. What pressure are you running? You should be able to reach your desired power level even with the reducer installed.
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