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Secondary Weapon Systems

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So after some searching I finally found the Cap-Gun FOAM Claymores

they come from a company called Mil-Sim Labs
they are $15 a piece or $130 for 10

I have personally used these
they are very easy to use
Very light weight and easy to pack
all around a great defense option.

The demo of these are in the video below about the 1:10 mark.
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I like the knife, it would be fun to hide in the ghile then jump up and stab a person.
I like the flashbang. Kinda silly, but kinda cool too !

And their prices are fantastic ! ive never seen stuff so reasonably priced.

Imagine trying to get nerf vortex rounds for your 40mm, and then look at their slug prices. Sweet !!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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