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Well I am purchasing a slightly used Maruzen type 96 in the next couple days and as all snipers do, I am looking to upgrade it. I am on a budget and have around $250 for upgrades. I want high quality parts that are reliable, but I want to be able to upgrade everything at the same time and not leave any weak areas in this rifle. Questions are as follows(I am sure some of them have been answered and I am sorry, but I do not have much time to search around these seemingly endless forums):

Barrel: Prommy 6.03 ($70) or alternative (recommendations?)

Bucking: Prommy soft? Where could I get one of these?

Cylinder upgrades: Any cheap and reliable sets?? If not, individual recommendations please. Possibly guarder, but laylax seems too expensive.

Is there any springs out there that can get a rifle (with upgrades) to around 490 fps. I have seen 130sp, but they only give 420 or so fps and 150sp letting off around 520.

I know to worry about my gun's internals first, but how important is a rifle wrap and what is an excellent but affordable example for woodland/grassy environments?

PDI hop up chamber or what alternative??

At 490 fps will maruzen's trigger box be able to last me awhile? (maybe a year?)

Thanks to all who help out. It is appreciated more than you know.

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Check out Zulu's thread:

He goes through everything you will need. One of the most important parts was do not upgrade to a heavier spring before upgrading the other important parts first. Upgrading the spring too early will only cause you problems in the future. Even though putting the heavier spring in might last alittle while, there is no guarantee that it will hold up for a long period of time. My suggestion, hold off on the spring upgrade.

The best part about the upgrading process, is that you can upgrade everything over time. I would say the most important initial upgrades would be a new hop up chamber, bucking, nubbing, and tightbore barrel. Many people prefer a soft bucking. They are sold at, and airsoftatlanta, and I believe out of stock at airsoft gi. I have had experience with this bucking, and have found poor results. I am currently trying out a guarder bucking, and kwa bucking.

Also, in Zulu's thread he covers alot. But here is alittle summary.

The zero trigger is an expensive but great durability upgrade. However, the purchase of a trigger sear and piston sear will serve you well too.

The cylinder parts are also very important. While expensive, laylax and pdi offer some great quality parts.

For the tightbore barrel, I use a prometheus and love it. The pdi hop up chamber is alittle difficult to get everything installed including the o rings, but after a little fiddling, you will get the hang of it.

Overall, I went with laylax parts and have not looked back. I would suggest since you do not have the money for every internal upgrade to look into a...
1. tightbore barrel
2. hop up chamber
3. bucking
4. nubbing

After this, as you get more money, then you can start to upgrade other parts such as the cylinder parts and trigger box.

I am going through a similar process.

Here are my current upgrades in my rifle.
pdi hop up chamber
pdi high hop up arms
kwa bucking (soft)
pdi trigger sear
laylax cylinder head
laylax piston and accuracy cup
laylax spring guide
prometheus tightbore barrel
barrel spacers x3

If you need any more details or for me to clear up a few things, let me know, I am glad to help. ;)

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If you can find the OK/K2 blue cylinder set anywhere, thats a good start. Its what I first got, but that was a long time ago. You will need a Laylax or Guarder piston cup though.

You can keep the barrel stock for a while, just find a sweet spot and avoid adjusting it.

Here is 500fps after a year, with a year or two being stock before that. This was with Guarder sears and spring guide stopper. The housing broke.

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