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Self-made project: BARRETT M82

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Starting a new project together with Wolfgeorge. We are making a simple copy of a Barrett M82.
The Barrett will be an empty hull in which each kind of gearbox can be placed.
Wolfgeorge (dimensions) give technical support and I will make the Barrett.
So it will be a cooperation of 2 fanatics from 2 European countries
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the upper and down receiver is made from a 2 mm thick metal plate.
Good start man... Looking forward to see it!!
Will you use V2 GB?

Here's something for inspiration!

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Very cool. Couple questions:

Metal type?

How much $ are you putting into this project?

Suggestion: Install a system similar to Escort or DaytonaGun and have some heavy recoil on it. You've got loads of room for the bolt and recoil weight to slide back and forth so it should be relatively easy.
Put a P* FE inside like me and Wolf are doing ;)
Or.... Make the Kuba T1000 engine since you have the tools (I guess) that way you'll save some money!!

I made today a start with the Stock.
Welding and checking and a satisfied result
I have emailed Wolfgeorge about a number of possibilities concerning gearbox models that can be put in the Barrett.
Conclusion: If we build the Barrett on the cheapest way than we doing prejudice of the weapon and it would be able to become distorting.
When we build it the most beautiful way then it is probably to expensive.
Therefore, we decided to build 2 versions where the cheapest one should remain the most expensive 100 euro version so that various possibilities can be exploited.
So making a Barrett 2X and thinking about the costs let me thinking and let me scratching behind the ears.
But for anyone who want to build a Barrett like this, there is a possibility of building his own preferred version and can choice and trade-off decisions for themselves.
You'll have twice the cost if you build 2 of them....
IMHO make one and put in what you want.


my estimate cost of the material are approximately 50 euros. put a double eagle M4 in it,the cost are c.a. 100 euros. whats left is the other Barrett, and in the other Barrett can be used for a gearbox of any choice when we got more information from the others (all of you).

And the better version must still be purchased loose rails, hand grip etc. etc. so that will be more expensive (c.a. 200-250 euros)

So maybe after the making off the cheap version i can sell it and buy a good gearbox and other materials
It's not that expensive ....considered the over 1000 euros I paid for mine! Plus the crappy internals!
I wish the time I bought it, there was the kit version out! That way I'd put in everything I wanted and it's considerably cheaper.
Check ant the tan version... It looks nice!

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Making the Gearbox house for the Barrett.
Does anyone of you have a picture from inside the gearbox-house (M16/M4)
After cutting the metal plate we got a body with exact the size of a M4/m16 trigger-group house.
to compare and to form an image
and here a image under the lower receiver
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