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I'm getting out of the sport and selling everything as-is. It hasn't been touched in 4 years, but it was all working well at the time. Maintenance may be required.

I'm not looking to ship anything. I'll meet anyone half-way from Concord NH within reason. After September 5, I would have to send a proxy to make the sale with more limited availability.

Individual items (USD):
- Bar-10: 300
- ASG P-09: 80
- HPA tank, regulator, line: 80
- PSO-1 scope: 50
- Padded shirt/pants hat: 40
- Chest rig + pouches + holster: 50

Bundles (USD):
- My load-out (Bar-10, P-09, gear): 400
- Whole lot: 450

Freebies if you want with any sale:
- gray G&G bio 0.33's
- tan G&G bio 0.2's
- speed-loaders
- M1911 AEP + extra mag + NiMH smart charger

JG BAR-10 gspec (~440fps w/ 0.25's):
Installed parts:
- AA M150 spring
- AA Spring guide
- AA Teflon cylinder + head
- AA Zero trigger + piston
- AA hop-up chamber
- ML 50 degree Autobot bucking + spare
- ML 410mm "Crazy Jet" inner barrel
- PDI "bull barrel" outer barrel (setup for 430mm inner barrel)
- No-name 3-9x32 scope

Mods / other work:
- Camo tape
- Shimmed the bolt handle / cylinder rotation
- Shimmed upper-receiver nylon rings
- "tin can" shell ejection port cover
- Filled the stock with modelling clay.
- Drilled trigger guard out so the spring-guide sear can drop down and the bolt can be removed without full disassembly

Known Issues:
- The spring-guide sear can fall down when jostled. I keep it up with a popsicle stick and duct tape.
- I was overzealous with the loc-tite on the mock-suppressor adapter. It may never come off the outer-barrel
- hop-up pressure isn't quite centered. Vertical line on scope is aligned with hop-up, not the rifle

Misc / Extras:
- original everything. HU chamber missing original adjustment arm. Outer-barrel is threaded for TDC, but doesn't have the screw.
- AA 510mm inner-barrel (nickel-plated SS I think) filed for open-window buckings
- AA M170 spring (unused)
- 4 mags
- white HPA 0.45g bb's

Weight: 7.8 lbs
Center of mass: ~1-2" in front of trigger guard

ASG CZ P-O9 (green-gas, no threaded tip):
- 3 mags incl
- propane tank fill adapter + silicone oil
- I filed the trigger sears so the trigger breaks instantly, but it isn't a hair-trigger.
- Known Issue: The safety stops the hammer from striking the valve, but not the trigger from releasing the hammer

Odds and Ends:
- Tippman 48ci / 3000psi HPA tank purchased in 2018/2019 (empty, never used)
- Wolverine "Storm" regulator (never used)
- 18" HPA line (never used)
- No-name 4x24 PSO-1 scope (SVD-style)

- Padded shirt/pants + boonie hat (size: Asian mens medium)
- army-surplus chest rig in UCP
- 2x Canteen pouch (army-surplus)
- 4x double M4-pouch (army-surplus)
- 2x triple-pistol-mag pouches (cheap no-name)
- hard-shell holster for the P-09.

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