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Selling off lots of stuff! *NEW PICS ADDED!!!*

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*Note- Pictures coming soon!*

I figured this'd be the appropriate place to market this particular weapon.

I'm trying to sell my CA G36K that has been upgraded to approximately 400FPS, and I have also added a CA double screw silencer to the end of it (cuz I hate the regular '36k flashhider, it gets caught on EVERYTHING). I have barely used this gun at all, had it upgraded and now I've decided I'd really rather use a bolt action- so in order to fund the purchase of such a rifle while I'm still penny-less, I'm selling my G36. This gun is still capable of full auto, and is in outstanding condition, as I just had it upgraded and tuned up with all sorts of brand spankin new parts put into this thing, so it works pretty darn good. Comes with a 470 round mag and I'll even throw in the 9.6v battery for whoever buys it- everything you need to make this rifle work.

Asking price is $400, PM me or respond here if interested.
If you've got a bolt action rifle you'd like to trade instead, place let me know and maybe we can work something out.
[Edit: Most specifically I'm looking for a VSR-10 series rifle]


p.s.- I have an entire thread on MIA for a house cleaning sale that has everything from vests, shotgun and this rifle listed, found here:
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Pics of the G36K

Pic of the silencer...

Pics of the Shotgun

Pics of Green Molle Vest (the vest is an OD green, but the pics came out more brown than anything)

Pics of Black MP5 vest

Blackhawk Pad Set

Helmet I found lying Around

Folks, I urge you to please buy some of this stuff, I'm in desperate need of money and the sooner I get rid of it, the better.
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Yes, lost- I have 3 dogs

Just an update, the G36 and the Shotgun are gone- sold, traded, etc.

Everything else is still there though (possible deal on the Molle, but I havent heard from the guy in forever).

I'm also tempted to list a some more items, but we shall see...

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