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((I apologize first and foremost for not having many of my own pics, some were borrowed from various retailers. I will take some pics as soon as I can figure out this damnable camera))

Okay kittens, here's the scoop:

I have a crap ton of guns, and next to no time to use them (which saddens me greatly). I only get to use them maybe once a month if even that often, and I see absolutely no point in owning enough guns and gear to outfit 4 people (We actually did that once, and that was when I decided I had to start selling stuff).

Now first, since I'm looking for trades, I'll state what I'm looking for:

1) I REALLY want a bolt action sniper rifle, be it gas, spring, whatever. Make me an offer, and we'll work from there. Yes, I am willing to trade multiple items for a good sniper rifle (just to answer that question, in case ya'll were wondering).

2) I would also really like a TM P90. Again, the state of the weapon (and the goodies it comes with) determines what I'd be willing to trade for it.

Now for what I'm Selling:

First up is my G&G M14. Now, I tried selling this in the past, and people didnt seem to like the paintjob- so this time, I'm willing to repaint this the color of the buyer's choice, if they decide they dont like the current paint job.
There are currently no upgrades in this weapon and it shoots stock. And no, there have been no breakdowns with this gun, as many people have asked me in the past. I'd prefer to use this in a trade, but if not then just make me a reasonable offer.
(I also have a bipod, scope and mount, and the leather sling I'd be willing to throw in if the buyer/ trader so desires)
[EDIT]:There is ONE minor issue with the scope mounting part of the rifle that I forgot to mention earlier. The screw needs reboring, which I will do if the buyer so desires.

Let's toss in some close ups of the paint job (Thanks Grey Fox!)

And a shot of the sling (it's just the Guarder label):

Next is my TM MP5K. Stock as far as I know, I'll doublecheck and get back to ya'll later on about it's internal condition. FPS is DEFINITELY stock, I know that for certain.
I'm also willing to throw in an underarm sling and 8 extra magazines (varying in size). Again, I'd like to trade this, but I'll accept a reasonable offer.

Shot of the sling

TM Colt Python Revolver (4" barrel). Bought it from Gunslinger some time ago. Was only used a couple times between gunslinger and myself.

KWC Sigma 40F CO2 pistol. Great gun, full metal slide and internals, 40 round extended magazine. Seal on the mag is a little leaky, but other than that the gun is as good as it was when I first bought it.
((No pics yet))

TM Glock 18c AEP. I have two of these, and I'm seriously considering keeping at least one, but I'll test the waters, see if anyone is interested in them. Slides have been repainted for a better black finish. I also have a 100 round extended mag for each pistol, which are up for sale/ trade as well. Battery and charger are (of course) included.

More stuff may find it's way to this list once I finish shuffling through my tactical gear. I know that I have 4 tactical vests. 1 Delta Force style plate carrier, 1 MP5 magazine vest, 1 USGI Load Bearing Vest, and one Israeli kevlar vest (with kevlar panels and all that. It's an undercover style vest, so it can easily fit under your BDU's). Several different types of elbow and kneepads (Blackhawk Hellstorms, Hatch [both woodland camo and black], and a set of neoprene pads). Not to mention a small Delta helmet and a Navy SEAL style helmet. (Pics of all these will be coming as soon as I can figure out how to work this damnable digital camera).

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