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I am not new to the airsoft scene, but am new to sniping. My name is Christian and I am from Oklahoma, and am a gearwhore/impressions enthusiast. I take the time to research, and replicate the gear of real military units (Mainly NSW and MARSOC).

Now I have been a rifleman on my team for nearly a year, but since our sniper has since phased out of airsoft it has left an empty spot in our team. I jumped at the opportunity to fill it in, and since I have played 2 games as a sniper for our team.

I am a pretty patient person, but demand perfection if I am accomplishing something. If I start something, it is never left unfinished, and is always completed to the best of my abilities. I take pride in my work, and strive to become better.

If you want to know anything else you can message me. Also message me if you would like to know anything about specific military units.
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