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Setup, please give advice ;)

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So this is the setup I'm running at the moment, please comment on any improvements that I could make or anything wrong. Cheers.
Bar 10
Crazy Jet 6.04 or Action Army 6.03 inner barrel (advice on which one please)
Maple leaf 60* autobot bucking
Maple leaf omega nub
Action army 'zero' trigger
Action army 90* piston
Action Army hop up chamber
Action army M130 spring (I'm getting 480 fps)
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I would go for the action army since its cheaper. The accuracy mainly comes from the bucking and nub combo
And remember the spring guide
I like the setup. The ML CJ is noticeably more accurate when paired with the autobot. The only thing I would change is the bucking. I would purchase a 70* bucking so it doesn't need to be immediately replaced.

Also, if you have the money, I would purchase this piston (not the spring guide) as it's not that expensive, and has given me godlike results (every shot is within 1fps of the last, 496-498.) For the spring guide, which it looks like you need, I'd get I don't know if the ball bearings in the back really make a difference, but I know that this spring guide went really well with the SCW piston (the SCW spring guide did not work for me. no idea why)

I'd also recommend the laylax sorbo damper pads set to reduce noise slightly and also reduce the stress on the system.

Last thing I'd add to your list is a ML concave nub since it provides even pressure along the bucking.

On a side note, you should have something to grease the piston to increase the lifespan and consistency of it. I know plazmaburn recommends TechT gun sav (I just ordered it and have yet to try it out. (probably not the lowest price you cas get it)
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I do recommend TechT gun sav. Its a great universal grease. You can use it pretty much anywhere in a Airsoft gun that you would grease. I have been using that for years when it was first introduced in paintball. It was my go to lube and still is for the most part.

There are better greases, but they are more specialized and cost more. SuperLube and MolyKote 111.
Crazy Jet 6.04 or Action Army 6.03 inner barrel (advice on which one please
Crazy Jet all the way, groupings are twice as tight.

For 480 FPS use 70º bucking, unless you like somewhere really, really cold.
Also, I would get a M150 spring. When new a M150 will fire about 520fps but it will quickly (After 1 game) wear down to about 490fps. Then if you need to bring the fps down further, just wrap some electrical solder around the piston and hold it on with one layer of electrical tape. This will weight the piston down and so it will accelerate slower. So you should be able to tune it to your clubs 480fps instead of the rifle shooting way lower with the M130.
The M130 will only produce about 430fps. When new it will fire hotter (about 460fps) than that but after a very short time, it will come down to the 430fps.
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