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SGM 0.29G BB's

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Well I truly don't understand why peaple think SGM (Super Grand Master) 0.29G BB's are so special. Shouldn't straight 0.36's or 0.43's do much better? How are they the highest quality BB's on the market?At over $20 for only 500 BB's are they worth it? Would you suggest them to other players?
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I'll try to answer this as best as I can:

.43's are best, as they weigh the most, which in theory means more distance and better accuracy

They aren't that great, but they are better than cheap .3's or just normal .2's.

Anyways, they are decent.
SGM's are great BBs because of their quality and effectiveness with hop ups. In turn this gives great consistent accuracy in rifles. Although I agree that a heavier BB would sustain better accuracy, the SGM's would preform very well in rifles shooting lower than mine.(530)
Well, I don't think that STRAIGHT (0.36g and 0.43g) pellets are better than SUPER GRAND MASTER 0.29g

The problems with STRAIGHT (DIGICON) pellets include the poorer manufacturing tolerences. They are just not as accurate, as precise manufacturing SGM Maruzen pellets. On the grey ones, there is a graphite coating, that can rub off onto your hop rubber and cause decrease in accuracy.

I found 0.29g are excellent for 60m or less. They are extreme quality compared to any other brand I have tried. I have tried a fair few, but none were as good as SGM 0.29g

Admittedly, the lighter pellet has a slightly lesser range, compared to heavier BB's. But that is no good if the BB is not on target in the first place. This last weekend, we found an 82m target was out of range with the 0.29g at 550fps in a woodland setting (limits your lob shooting due to canopy). Max range was around 70m.

Super Grandmaster 0.29g ARE worth the cash. For years I thought they were not, until I realised the box I had tested, were not SUPER GRANDMASTER... only "Maruzen Grandmaster".

Buy them and try them, then decide for yourself. If your environment is all extreme range shooting in open field or desert then heavier pellets may have a place.

Here is a vid of the 0.29g in the wind.... (if you have not already seen it).

Good Hunting ;)
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Yes I have watched A LOT of your videos, Love em. Thanks for all your feed back.
so how about KSC 30s ?

I have a bag of Digi-36s and kringe, when I think about using them, being they're
becoming harder to find, not too mention get a good beed on'em going down range
hard to judge it your off or not
I love me some KSC .30's. On windier days, however I like something a little heavier. I've had great experience with KSC .30's.
I have some KSC 0.30g PERFECT pellets but have only used a limited amount of them so far. They were not as accurate as 0.29g SGM in my 550fps rifle.

I have also used SIIS 0.30g, ELITE AIRSOFT 0.30g, MARUZEN 0.30g , BLASTER 0.30g and found none of them as good as SGM.

DIGICON 0.36g also failed to impress me despite me using several bags.

I think SGM are worth getting if want the best accuracy and 200ft is your typical range or less.

Good Hunting ;)
Phantom what BB's do you usually use during your video's?
Different BB's in lots of different films. Somtimes 0.25g (with factory standard G-SPEC). Some films are 0.30g in APS2 MK2 SPORTER or Tanaka m40a1.

Latest film was 0.29g but before filming I quickly ran a mag of 0.36g Straight and KSC 0.30g through, but found the 0.29g SGM were simply more consistant (despite the strong wind).

Hope that helps you. Give them a go if you have a tgood quality barrel and want to shoot brilliantly under 60m (200ft).

Good Hunting ;)
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