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Shadow Op L96 Bolt Handle Issue.

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Basically, i'm our local sniper tech. I had a guy come around and i've never seen this. The screw on the back is completely tight. The part where the bolt meets with the bolt handle is moving all over. I didn't take anything a part as I wasn't sure if I was going to have to.

Is there a screw in the base inside of the bolt I can tighten, or does it need to be welded?
I suggested to him about the teflon cylinder, but told him to hold off until I talked to you guys. It's beyond me, because it's not something visually wrong.
Personally, I am pretty sure it's the Shadow Ops quality of a bolt.

Thanks guys, Hoggie.
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Are you referring to the end screw?

And the bolt moving is not a bad thing, it just means the tiny bits inside were removed to prevent the bolt from "sticking".
So the bolt is not locking, but the cylinder unit is locking once the bolt is pulled back?
Ahh, so the bolt handle is loose due to the fact that the end screw is loose?

Add some teflon tape and blue loctite, it should keep her in there nice. Make sure to push the bolt handle all the way in and you should feel some force when trying to tighten the end screw.
Let me know how it goes. ;)
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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