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Shaking hands

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Hello all,

My name is Pete, call-sign: pxranger. I'm thirty-six.

I fancied airsoft two years ago.

I own a small number of arms: KWA 1911 DS PTP, G&G Sportline M4, G&G M16A4, WE M4A1, and a Echo-1 ASR. Out of all these, I've gotten most of my kills with the ASR and 1911. Based on that, logically, I would like to take my marksmanship to the next level, and that brings me here. ;)

I currently own ACU and Contractor garb.

I have serious interests and twenty-two years experience in skateboarding, with four years experience in iai-jutsu, ken-jutsu, aiki-jutsu, and very little in Shorin-ryu karate. I'm also a Warden on Mid West Airsoft Coalition.

I live in Battle Creek(a.k.a. Cereal City), Michigan.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. :)
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hidden187 said:
Welcome to the forum, are you a ninja, just asking because of all the karate.
No I'm not, but maybe a forum ninja.

My preference is the katana, and I'm a long ways from being anything in swordsmanship.

Thanks for the welcome.
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