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Shaving down the nub?

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Hi guys,

I've recently purchased a new internally stock VSR-10.
I'm planning on doing all the DIY mods I can to squeeze out as much as I can from it and one mod I was considering was shaving down the bucking moud.
I was wondering if shaving it down would affect the performance of the hop up? I've heard somewhere that it helps!

Thanks, Milo.
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Shaving down the mound would give you whatever shape mound the nub is when you turn up the hop. This is where an SCS nub is useful or an H nub. I wouldn't do it with the stock toothed nub because that would give you a weird mound shape. I personally wouldn't shave it down either way because I'm crap when it comes to that (found out how bad I was when I installed my r-hop and had to shave the mound). It takes a bit of skill to get it as smooth as you need to get it.

If you do it, get another bucking so you don't screw up your current one. Also remember the smaller the mound the more hopup you will have to apply to get the right backspin.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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