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Hi guys, i was just wondering about people's opinions on shemaghs, and whether you think they are effective. Is it acceptable to use one as a means of concealment?
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They are good but for concealment...meh, not so much. They stand out in the veg. Better using a scrim or sorgo.
On my non ghillie load out, i wear one around my neck.
Thanks for replies, and yeah, i would agree. i use one (not in a ghillie) but i think it would be better to invest in some proper camouflage.
I wear one on my neck with my ghillie to cover my neck and also to wipe sweat away.
I always have one on me.

They are great to cover up if needed, protect your face when crawling through thick brush, wipe off head and face, wipe goggles down, use as a quick shade. I view them as the swiss army knife of the fabric world!

Heck I have the guys in my guard unit pissed at me becuase I wear one while we are out training. I burn like a ginger and hate it, so it keeps me covered while keeping me cool as well.
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well then, perhaps i will keep one on me at all times, along with some camo :)
I used to use a shemag then I found a under armor balaclava in mossy oak break up. I use that now, and for me it works quite well when low crawling through sticks and leaves.
Ive used one in an assault loadout it worked fine also added some scare factor cuz i looked like a taliban lol but right now im looking at a condor sniper vail, Im sorta wondering the uses of it I know that it can be a rifle wrap but what else?
The sniper veil I got was big, really big, so I cut a slice out and used it as face veil attached to the front of my ghillied boonie.
Try wearing a webtex concealment vest without some sort of scarf or shemagh. Man those buckles end up strangling you if you're not careful.
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I always have one on hand, for my sneaky loadout, for my cqb loadout, even for my sniper loadout. A webtex concealment suit is mentioned so many times because its awesome.
best thing to use is in my opinion FACE PAINT:)
I like shemaghs. Their nice in all weathers (depending on thickness), can be used as headgear and facemask in one go. (if you tie it right)
Also, i find that it breaks up the sillouette quite nicely.
I recently switched from a shemagh to a multi-wrap. I find it breathes better and still hides the face well enough if you are wearing a ghillie hood or some other form of concealment.
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