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Shifty at his best

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Hello there, fellow Americans,
my nickname is Shifty. I come from Prague, Czech Republic (I am highly alergic to the word Czechoslovakia).

I am 24 and work as a Personal Security Agency member.

I own a highly upgraded A&K SVD Dragunov with only the externals in the stock form. Most of the internals have been custom made and already cost me upwards of 1600 dollars.

I am a sniper for a Czech Mil-sim team which focuses in re-enacting the 96th Guard Army of the VDV (Vozdushno-desantnyie Voiska - Paratroopers) of the Russian Federation. We do use the latest gear which we get from friends in the Russian Army.

I believe I have a lot to offer to owners of this gun and due to my past military experience, can help others with some tactics, strategies and gear.

Should you have any question hit me up here or in the PMs.
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I can't blame you. Many people left in the last year. It just is not what it used to be, but like I always say: Somebody has to teach the new generation the basics.
I agree someone does.. I have for many years been helping the new generation, now I am getting tired of it,lol.. I just dont wanna anymore, maybe just for now I dont know. I left there about 3 years ago, came back recently and kinda not diggin it. I still go check things out and have some good conversations from time to time but its not what it used to be back about 4 or 5 years ago.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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