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Shipping from US to UK, and US to Mexico

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I wanted to ship an L96 to mexico, and a scope to UK

Is there some sort of ground shipping or something, I've looked on Fed ex USPS, and UPS, and the shipping available is like 1 week or less guaranteed. It's all very expensive, is there a cheaper method?? It's a pain to try and sell anythin internationally, because the shipping is from about 150-290...
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I'm using mostly USPS but things can go wrong... I mean I've lost packages!
UPS are very good but they are very expensive, plus they deliver the package strait to the customs officer(!) and I tell you he won't going to be very happy with what he'll see!

The buyer should decide IMO and way the cost/risk factor! But in order to be covered insure the package.

P.S. I'm talking only for Europe...!

Insure it. Also, not much land between Europe and the Americas :p
A scope to the UK is fine, it's just guns you need to worry about! :doh:

It's like 60 bucks for a scope to be sent over to the UK.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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