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Shot Range

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I recently installed the TDC mod. I liked the results seeing as it gave me a much straighter more consistent shot. My only question is now how can I increase the distance of my shot. I have the type B danger werx arm installed which added some extra distance. With that arm I am getting full contact on the BB. Would the IR hop add extra distance? I am shooting with .4bb's, so I am not sure how much more distance I can get.

Edit: I am shooting about 55 yards now

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The IR hop would increase your distance slightly, but still very noticeable. If you are shooting .4's a ER hop (extended r hop) will greatly increase your range and is a better suit for a heavier BB, as the ER hop was designed for heavier BB's.
Give us some more info about what's inside your gun. i.e. what hop up and barrel are you using and how powerful is your gun?
My gun is fully upgraded. I have a laylax m170 spring, action army blue piston, laylax spring guide, teflon cylinder, and prommy 590mm 6.03 tbb.

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I also only get around this with .3 (yet to test with my .4) shooting 480fps with .2g - 150 spring, upgraded sears and cylinder parts. TDC mod also. I do however only have the stock 430mm bar10 barrel.

Which would you recommend?
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