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Shotgun for indoor cqb?

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Hey guys,I am just looking for you all's opinion on what shotgun should I buy?The only reason I am getting a shotgun(not soon)is that I heard there will be an indoor cqb field coming near where I live this summer and I need a cqb weapon,and I decided on a nice shotgun.Let me know what you guys recomend?
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UTG/Firepower Tri Shot shotgun.

Tri shots are a blast to use and I have used one a few times in outdoor fields and had relatively good success. Not only are they fun, but the use of shells is a nice change up from the usual. Plus, the tri shot aspect is the bees knees.
Agreede Trishot. DE/UTG/Firepower whatever other name they make.
Yep, trishot is the way to go, you can shoot suprisingly fast with it, reaching around 4-5rps! Also they shoot thru bushes nicely
I have both a tri-shot as well as a single shot shotgun. And to be honest I find myself going back to the single shot as it is a laser for where I play. With the addition of the hop up, this thing is deadly on the field. And I think it only cost like $20 or so.... so it really wont break the bank either.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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