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Should I get a TM VSR or SSG10

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I had pre-ordered the SSG96, and when I recieved it, I was happy with it at first, but then dissatisfied. It was loud, wasn't very customizable, and was pretty heavy, so I decided to sell it. I have decided to now buy a VSR-10, but I don't know wether to get a TM VSR or an SSG10. I already know im going to get a wolverine bolt-m for it, but there are other things to consider.

On one hand, if I got the TM I would upgrade the shit out of it, but with the SSG10 it's pretty good straight out of the box, and can still have parts replaced. Any ideas? All comments are appreciated!
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Get the following parts
JG BAR-10 G-spec
Wolverine BOLT electronic/old style
BOLT airsaver kit
Action Army chamber
Action Army 430X6.01 barrel
Maple Leaf MR-hop 2021 85°
MASADA arm (from Shapeways or the guy on here)
And some diy stuff like a cylinder sleeve and so on.

This will be the best setup unless you want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a marginally better inner barrel and a one piece receiver and whatever else is out there, but that won't really do much else.
Just use the heaviest BBs you can buy(preferably BLS .48g) and play.

As for the tank, line, and regulator, I suggest the Polarstar MRS or MR, whatever air line, and a First Strike or Ninja 13/3000 or 26/3000 tank.
You will also want to fill the tank, and for that I would suggest a $50 4500 PSI hand pump, or one of the more expensive ones such as Hill or Benjamin.

Feel free to use different stuff, but this is what I have found to be ideal for me.
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I would suggest the following in that case.
Action Army receiver
Action Army outer barrel
Action Army 380X6.01 inner barrel
Action Army hop chamber
Whatever scope rail
Maple Leaf hop block
Bulltrigger or SCW trigger
Lambda cylinder set

It's a better idea to have two separate setups than one shared receiver, as you want to minimize the amount of wear on those threads.
I personally like to make a long nylon or Delrin sleeve and use that and epoxy to permanently connect the two, but that is just personal preference.
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