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Should I opt for new sears?

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I don't have a humongous budget to spend upgrading a BAR-10, so obviously I can't get the ultimate uber zero trigger. So the upgrades I'm getting is this :

This includes a metal piston, and spring guide which is quite good. However, the only problem is that it comes with a M170 spring. I'm thinking that it probably is going to wear out the sears, but I may be wrong.

If I do need new sears, would I be able just to get this trigger assembly? :
(Matix Trigger Assembly)

or should I just get reinforced sears and add them to the stock trigger box? :
(Angel reinforced sear set)

If you think I should go for any other items then let me know! I am new to modding and I hope I learn a lot from here. Also, I probably will get a tightbore soon so no need to mention that
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The EdGI stuff will actually last though. The "Matrix" stuff usually isn't the best of quality.

If I were you, I would just run the rifle stock and do every DIY mod you can do. I'm pretty sure you can get a BAR-10 up to around the 500 FPS mark with DIY mods if I'm not mistaken.

Put the money towards a TM precision hop-up unit, which comes with a nice TM barrel, and some nice heavy bbs.

Here's a vid with a very similar set-up that I mentioned above hitting a Pepsi can at 50 yards!

Until you can save up for some parts that won't be a let down, this set-up should last you a good while.

Hope this helped some.

EDIT: Here's an even better video after he washed his ammunition. He hits the can a lot quicker.

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Good luck with the build! The BAR-10 can be a great platform. Just like Worst said, the 45 degree trigger systems aren't that great. It would be completely worth it to save up for either a Laylax Zero Trigger, PDI V-Trigger, or Noobie's M-Trigger for the future.

The biggest thing to bump up the power is the air break mod. Just make sure everything is sealed up good. You should be able to plug the tip of the barrel and fire and have the piston not move at all. That means that there is 100% airseal. It will also make your shots very consistent.
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