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Should I opt for new sears?

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I don't have a humongous budget to spend upgrading a BAR-10, so obviously I can't get the ultimate uber zero trigger. So the upgrades I'm getting is this :

This includes a metal piston, and spring guide which is quite good. However, the only problem is that it comes with a M170 spring. I'm thinking that it probably is going to wear out the sears, but I may be wrong.

If I do need new sears, would I be able just to get this trigger assembly? :
(Matix Trigger Assembly)

or should I just get reinforced sears and add them to the stock trigger box? :
(Angel reinforced sear set)

If you think I should go for any other items then let me know! I am new to modding and I hope I learn a lot from here. Also, I probably will get a tightbore soon so no need to mention that
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If you cut it completely off you'll get a higher velocity
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