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We all put so much time and effort into our rifles. Time to show 'em off. Give as many specs as you can :)
socom gear r700
m170 spring
spring guide
6.01 TBB
9 ball bucking
vism 3-9x42 scope
NC star bipod
Making a ghillie wrap atm...
Shooting 550 ish with .2s
DIY mods that shall be done shortly:
Shimmed hop-up
Teflon taped cylinder head and hop-up
Paper 1 piece spacer
LRB maybe??

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-KJW M700
-Custom M24 stock made from Javelin M24
-G&G Heavy fluted barrel
-Creation hop chamber
-King Arms VSR Conversion(This was actually un necessary, as the stock KJW M700 hop up already uses VSR buckings. I just thought the red would look cool inside the bolt.)
-Polarstar bolt spring
-Nineball bucking
-Prometheus 6.03 tightbore barrel
-Extended nozzle
-G&G bolt rubber
-G&G magazine steel knocker
-Tanaka 30 rd magazine
-Currently running Palmer low pressure stabilizer using 12g CO2



-Modified trigger housing (now 1 piece)
-Custom trigger job
-Nineball VSR bucking
-RA Tech bolt guides


TM M14 with Trigger Happy EBR kit

-Tokyo Marui M14
-Trigger Happy EBR kit
-JBU 6.03 TB barrel
-Prometheus gears
-Systema Magnum motor
-AB Mosfet


WE Ace VD plastic hand guard version

-Painted buttstock and foregrips


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I just aquired this Sunday, I believe its the Echo1 due to the style of RIS. It needs a new piston so I cant say how sweet she shoots yet.

And my beloved M28,lol.. Shoots very nicely!
Shs piston sear, stock trigger sear, the upgraded piston I make, stock hopup other than shimming. I shortened the barrel about 6" or so, made a pvc suppressor and took off the heavy adjustable shock pad and replaced it with a section I cut off a Bar10 stock and Tdc mod.


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Its actually just parts, I got a few things I posted on another forum for sale. I didnt post anything here cause its not sniper stuff and the commerce rules say only sniper stuff,lol..

I may post the stuff up anyways cause other do so whats the difference,hahaha

I have a Pts Moe m4 handguard and an m16 length ris for sale along with other goodies.

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Having trouble uploading pics at the moment so I'll just use this pic from one of my albums. This is my M40A1 Scout Sniper Rifle. haven't needed to do much to it to make it brilliant for Irish airsoft. So far I've put a DIY barrel spacer mod in it and the rest is stock. Though a R-Hop and LRB mod are next on the cards.


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Everytime i see the M200, i keep thinking of the M3 "Grease Gun" transformed into a sniper rifle.

Just think away the mag, the lower receiver, extend the stock and beef up the barrel.
(Its still a nice looking rifle nonetheless!)

Not my rifle, but this is my first (airsoft) love

-Tokyo Marui Hard Kick Desert Eagle base
-Guarder Electroplating Silver Full Metal Body Kit
-Guarder enhanced loading nozzle
-Nineball (or PDI, cant remember) 6.01 precision barrel
-Enhanced Recoil Springs (Guarder 150% i think)
-King Arms 170% hammer spring
-Guarder Steel Iron Sights
-Hogue Grips
-Guarder High Flow valves x3

Tickles the 50 meters easily.

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-KWA USPT w/ White dot sights. Stock internals
-Echo1 Platinum Edition M4: 2009 series. Systema 6.04 tightbore, Echo1 "H" Spacer. replica 552. NCStar 1pt bungie sling
-Custom made L96. Uses Gas bolt @ 4 joules of muzzle energy. Has a Tasco 6-24x50 RG Illuminated Scope, and Maruzen MS2 Vanishing Silencer

A nice picture showing the silencer trades
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