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Side Rail Camera Mounting/Housing

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Ok, so I would like to mount my little cannon HD point and shoot to the SIDE rail of my gun. this was i could also use the same mount on my M4 when i do CQB. i could make it mount with scope rings, but i need a housing thats bb proof. even if all i can do is turn it on, put it in the case and hit record, i would prefer to see the screen but it needs to be covered to. I mainly need a technique, types of materials, and something for the lens.... i have no idea how to cover that.
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Somebody else might can help you with that I really have no idea all I no is if you have a go pro then it comes with a clear case.So im assuming this doesnt?

There's one for the gun rail. Depending where your lens on the Canon when mounted on the rail and if the shield has coverage for it. You don't need a clear case because your lens needs the protection especially for CQB.

This should give you an idea as a starting point.

Why not a proper mini camcorder? So many low cost choices available outside of the GoPro and Contour.
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