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sighting in my m14

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So I was sighting in my m14 at 100 feet. I have my windage adjusted right, but for my elevation I am still 3 mil dots high. Dots over the cross hairs. Hop up is all the way down and I am using ASGI .30's. I am using 44mm objective weaver rings which make my 50mm objective lens sit right on top of the heat shield.

Anyone have any suggestions as to why its shooting high?
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BB's fly pretty straight other than the few strays. Gun is brand new with a 6.04 tb. I just picked up some taller rings. I'll know in a few days how it shoots and post results.
Put some BB's through the m14 today with the taller rings. Don't think its shooting high as much as just a big arch. It's got some pretty good range. BB's tend to shoot a little to the left sometimes even with the hop-up turned all the way down. Going to clean the barrel and see if that helps any.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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