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Hi guys , i need your experience to help me.
My Vsr-10 Has not been performing well. I have was shooting at 30 meters and the pellets were moving all the way to the right , although there was no wind. So Tomorrow I am going to Zero it in at a range about 35-40 meters.
I am using .36's
My Weapons upgrades are
-Laylax sp150 spring
-First factory 6.03 tightbore
-Laylax spring guide
-Laylaz Zero Trigger with Piston
and I am using My Leapers scope. All i need is you opinion , Am I doing something wrong? Do i need to change something? I will give results after i Zero it in and after I play my next game.

And Happy New Year guys!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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