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Silencerco MAXIM 9 by Krytac

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It's a big brute of a BB-blasting behemoth but alliteration aside, I'm not sure about this for the price. Seems well assembled and thought-out, pretty darn gas efficient.....

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I saw it a while ago on Evike and thought it looked cool, almost like it was based off of a cool looking real gun...

Wasn't hyped by the price, mags, and mag price, and after seeing this video I think it's even less cool. The moving mass on the slide looks heavy as balls, and that trigger seems to suck a lot, something that Evike doesn't mention in their "review" videos. Cool if you wanna own a cool gun, but it looks a lot less cool when you don't have professionally shot and edited photos, and instead have a relatively realistic video to look at.

I do like it's aluminum mags, but they should have been Glock compatible, and probably a bit cheaper too.
The Maxim 9 isn't insanely practical irl, so I wouldn't see it as being very practical in airsoft where you don't need a mediocre suppressor to not lose hearing after a couple shots.

All I want right now is a P320/M17 with a plastic slide and BBU, and cheap high capacity aluminum or plastic mags with perfectly wide channels and a short follower. Or an NBB that's super thin, super long, and has a shorter and lighter trigger than a MK23.
Yeah, just on video before firing the thing looked heavy as it just looked wide and made of pot metal, which is always rather heavy.

Negative Airsoft is in no way repeatable or scientific, but sadly he is the best we have, so we do have to guess on the actual round count. Makes me wonder in his USP test how many rounds it'd actually go, as there could be a check valve type thing in the nozzle of that gun that only puts gas in the barrel when there is back pressure or something.
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