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Silencers * the legal stuff *

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Well a few days ago, we had a fairly long thread going about the ins and the outs of silencers when it comes to airsoft side of things. I have done some digging, and am going to post it up here as it pertains to the US group of people.

I really don't want people to chime in and say " well I heard from, or I read... blah blah blah" This is coming from the horses mouth at the ATF. I currently have an email asking the head people out in Washington ( again mind you ) just to make sure we know what is going on and what is to be expected.

Link right to the ATF page.....

ATF Home Firearms Frequently Asked Questions National Firearms Act (NFA)
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You couldn't have had better timing to ask that question. I was just browsing instructables and found this just a few minutes ago: I am not completely sure if this is what we need because it doesn't tell us exactly what frequency it is, only shows us what it looks like, if that makes sense. I am sure we can find a better DIY but this just seems like the fastest way. Anyway, the way I see it, there are several frequencies being emitted from the guns, like sound coming out of the barrel, the trigger, the magwell, etc. You would need to find every single one and that might be too much work. One more thing; this thread was really meant to talk about silencers, not silencing your gun. You should have made a thread in the concealment section probably.
Actually the most noise is coming from around the trigger, because the parts inside the cylinder make the most noise, and the closest opening for the sound to escape is the trigger. That is why Silent keeps telling us to soundproof our triggers. But once again, this thread is about silencers, not silencing guns in general.
1 - 2 of 52 Posts
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