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Back on topic- here's my favorite plinker (real steel)-

S&W M&P15-22 with Magpul furniture, with my YHM 9mm M2 Cobra Suppressor. >:D

Love that thing- my son has shot it at the range and it is so easy and quiet- all you hear is the action cycling.

I also have a Walther P22 and my personal favorite, a SIG P226, both with threaded barrels and will accept the same can. ;)

My next real steel project after I'm done with airsofting for a bit is a SBR AR build in 300 Blackout, with a YHM 7.62mm Suppressor. It'll be SICK... :yup:
especially since I know how to reload- so subsonic ammo is no problem at all...;)

Something like this:Noveske 10" SBR

Waiting on that build, as it'll be over $2k easy- $400 in tax stamps alone for SBR and suppressor.:doh:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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