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The issue here is what the law says versus how the law is enforced. It's like a speed limit: the posted speed is how the law is written.

Usually, law enforcement will not ticket drivers who exceed, by a small amount, the posted speed. That is how the law is enforced.

Federal law is clear--functioning, removable paintball and airsoft silencers are subject to the law's restrictions. That is how the law is written.

Law enforcement officials have some discretion; they may choose to ignore what they perceive as very minor violations of the law, such as functioning, removeable airsoft silencers. That is how the law is enforced.

It is important not to confuse how the law is enforced with how it is written. A police officer CAN legally pull you over and give you a speeding ticket for driving one mile per hour over the posted speed limit. Such a stop may be unusual in practice but, make no mistake, the law permits an officer to do so.

Likewise, law enforcement can legally target your functioning, removable airsoft silencer and bring you into the criminal court system. Just because they haven't done it doesn't mean they lack the legal authority to do so.

So, to continue the above post to the effect of:

"if you call the BATF about your functioning, removable airsoft silencer, don't be surprised when the feds laugh before hanging up"

be sure to add:

"but also don't be surprised to have them take down your information and show up in the next few days with a search warrant and, possibly, an arrest warrant."

Bottom line: Woogie is correct. If your silencer actually reduces the sound of your rifle then the federal laws apply.

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