Silverback A2 SRS COVERT 16"
Great condition, its a hard sale but I don't use it anymore.
Great condition.
Comes with:
•5 springs, M140, M150, M160, M170 and I think one is a Rapax(M150)
•Sniper mechanics WASP piston
•Sniper mechanics Spring guide
•Spare weighted sleeves for the piston and different length airbrakes.
•Stock cylinder
•Stock piston
•Stock spring guide
•TNT barrel (not currently installed)
•Two TNT buckings
•Silver back 60 degree bucking and nub
•Two Faceless 100 seal buckings, one currently installed.
•Faceless 70 degree r hop patch (installed)
•Stock hop unit installed plus one spare.
•Spare hop adjustment screws
•Fast hop unit with Faceless FOW nub
•Spare - G spec outer barrel with carbon fibre extension and foam baffles
•4 steel mags with bb followers installed
•Muzzle flash with spare shims for timing.
•Bi pod, mint condition.
•Plastic dust cover
•Vauban bolt nob
•Stock bolt nob.
•Thread protector
•Monopod, scratched where it was removed from the gun
•Monopod plug inserted

Shoots 323 fps on .45g Geoff bbs. Great gun and in great condition.
Any questions just shout.
With a silverback qd suppressor this gun is whisper quiet.

Open to offers.

Message me on here or on my mobile 07713246153