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Silverback MDR-X

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Intriguing. Probably over-engineered. I'm pondering how solid it could be as a long-range platform...with an Edgi barrel and Warhead motor.

-CNC aluminium wide bore cylinder/upper gearbox (26mm diameter, +19% compared to a standard AEG), including a spring quick change design.
-CNC aluminium cylinder head, NBR piston damper, stainless steel nozzle.
-CNC aluminium ventilated piston head, FKM o-ring, POM glider ring.
-CNC stainless steel & aluminium spring guide, equipped with a thrust bearing. 3 lugs design ensuring a better axial alignment.
- “Tappet plate-less” construction.
-CNC aluminium piston body, hardened MIM steel 16 teeth rack.
-18:1 torque up gear set, hardened MIM steel.
-ADC 12 aluminium gearbox carter, 10mm ball bearing.
-Designed to operate on 11.1V Li-Po batteries (possibility to operate on 7.4V).
-Electronic Trigger Unit, CPU motor control, gear cycle and fire selector position detection by Hall Effect sensor. 2 mosfets for power, 1 mosfet for active braking.
-Neodymium high-torque motor 19000RPM (11.1V), short axis.
-Silver-plated wiring, Teflon coated.

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Reading the manual, they sure made some interesting decisions with the battery storage - I'm not sure what ones you can actually fit in there...
16x16x190mm for square, 17.5x190mm for round batteries.

So Titan is right out, those are 18.6-19.5mm round. (and the 3s is 197mm long)

A Tenergy 1200mAh 3s is 15.5x20.5, so that wont fit.

The only battery I have that fits according to the manual is a Tenergy 2s 1200mAh, which is 15.6x13.5... but they specifically want you using 11.1s and you need to watch additional instructions to convert it to 7.4...
Personally, I doubt Titan batteries will even cycle that thing if it really does 2.48J. A while back I got to take a look at some test results for the actual discharge capabilities Titans have, and the answers are astounding. As I remember, the tested batteries didn’t exceed 5C. 15C is the average requirements for a regular stock AEG. This thing might need a bit more.

Here’s that link: Objective Battery Test
The 6000mah 7.4v titan I have is appreciably snappier than the 1200mah 25-50c 7.4 tenergy (closer to the 11.1 tenergy of the same size I have), Titan did put different cells in since that test. I didn't even want the 11.1s on my or my partners guns as they would be too fast.

The 3,000 7.4 was a bit sluggish on her gun (13:1s, ZCI high tourqe neo, 1.5j ish with 25s), but unfortunately a 3,000 11.1 stick is the only Titan battery that would possibly work in the MDR. Perhaps with a brushless motor it would work... Won't know until someone tries it though!
I would be surprised if the gears weren't standard - hopefully they are!

Is there any possibility you’d be able to share a video of your different batteries performing on yours and your partner’s guns? I know that’s a hard ask, but I’d be fascinated to see the differences in trigger response myself.
Mine's not finished yet (waiting on some components) but I can top off the batteries and show a fresh charge of the 4 on hers no issues. May get to it today, may not be until Monday.
Apparently it's been confirmed to not take the real handguards for some reason, which pretty much blows my interest out of the water; the stock handguard is trash tier aesthetics and makes it look like a scifi gun from a no budget B movie.
So these are in stock at Amped Airsoft for the US folks by the way, black and 2 tone, tan is sold out. $600.

Partner forbade me from buying one till we get out and play more... Fair play as I haven't even built my m4 aeg yet! (Or finished hers...)
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Sounds like the stock hop is... Not great. The nub angles when you turn up the hop giving you hooks, so you need to go over 1 tick, then back down.

Assuming a MAXX or similar hop will be out before too long with support for barrels that have normal C clip locations and a TDC nub that doesn't wobble (I assume it can be fixed with shims, but it's a bad initial look).

And the working motor is the warhead basic, not the fancier ones. The basic has a much simpler controller from what people have said, which can handle the active break. Also the T238s or whatever that brushes motor is called is apparently compatible?
It certainly took them a while to get the SRS to something... that people actually liked. hopefully gen 2 of the MDR will be the same.
It would be nice if there was a jumper or dip switch to disable active breaking as well for gen 2 for people who wanted to use brushless motors
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