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Silverback MDR-X

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Intriguing. Probably over-engineered. I'm pondering how solid it could be as a long-range platform...with an Edgi barrel and Warhead motor.

-CNC aluminium wide bore cylinder/upper gearbox (26mm diameter, +19% compared to a standard AEG), including a spring quick change design.
-CNC aluminium cylinder head, NBR piston damper, stainless steel nozzle.
-CNC aluminium ventilated piston head, FKM o-ring, POM glider ring.
-CNC stainless steel & aluminium spring guide, equipped with a thrust bearing. 3 lugs design ensuring a better axial alignment.
- “Tappet plate-less” construction.
-CNC aluminium piston body, hardened MIM steel 16 teeth rack.
-18:1 torque up gear set, hardened MIM steel.
-ADC 12 aluminium gearbox carter, 10mm ball bearing.
-Designed to operate on 11.1V Li-Po batteries (possibility to operate on 7.4V).
-Electronic Trigger Unit, CPU motor control, gear cycle and fire selector position detection by Hall Effect sensor. 2 mosfets for power, 1 mosfet for active braking.
-Neodymium high-torque motor 19000RPM (11.1V), short axis.
-Silver-plated wiring, Teflon coated.

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I’m from Texas in the USA, so I’ll confess to never having not been around real guns. I’ve never felt the need to own a GBB, since anytime I want I can take the real thing out for a spin in the backyard. It’s a game changer when you can’t have the real version.

MDR looks extremely interesting. I must admit, by the looks of things, I want it. But, no way in heck I’m being a beta tester for something in the airsoft industry. People have tried similar things before, and having very little aftermarket support is recipe for a nightmare.

That being said, unless people try new things, we’ll never get beyond the limitations of the restrained platforms we use.

Personally, I doubt Titan batteries will even cycle that thing if it really does 2.48J. A while back I got to take a look at some test results for the actual discharge capabilities Titans have, and the answers are astounding. As I remember, the tested batteries didn’t exceed 5C. 15C is the average requirements for a regular stock AEG. This thing might need a bit more.

Here’s that link: Objective Battery Test
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Titan is definitely using different cells—in the test, each of the two batteries in question had different cells—but what I’m unaware of is how much of a difference there is, and what batteries actually have what cells. Just another lovely byproduct of airsoft’s zero standards process.

Is there any possibility you’d be able to share a video of your different batteries performing on yours and your partner’s guns? I know that’s a hard ask, but I’d be fascinated to see the differences in trigger response myself.
I saw that as well, but honestly have no clue. Actually, that resembles something I joking proposed on AirsoftSociety the other day—having a piston with a spring in between the piston and piston head to create a dynamic buffer. The idea was useless, I thought, but it looks like Silverback may have come up with something similar.
I don’t think there’s much reason to SS here—as far as I’m aware, the increase in trigger response is next to nothing, and you usually want to do it only to alleviate PME. 18:1 gears + a 19K motor with that string of a spring—no chance of PME. Maybe on a 5 cell lipo…

Actually, unless you were doing major mods to the thing, the only reason I can think of to short stroke is to artificially reduce cylinder volume, if you so chose.

It at least looks like the gears might be standard, so it’s possible we’ll be able to change the ratio. I’m getting 13 RPS by my calculations on that motor and gear ratio, so it looks like it’ll be a slow boi OOTB.

To elaborate just a little bit, math on the gear ratio and unloaded motor speed gets me to 17 RPS, and then the amount you take off due to efficiency is variable. Different setups and motors are more or less efficient. About 75% of unloaded speed seems to be about normal, but you can tune it in to be higher than that.

A Warhead might actually be perfect here, assuming we can’t change the gears.
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Interesting to hear about SSing! I only run one SSed setup, so I’m happy to learn more about it.

I really want to try out a Warhead at some point. I’m guessing you have experience?
You take the second tooth off the piston just before the pickup tooth to correct AOE, and usually half of the third tooth as well.

You SS the Sector gear so that the Piston doesn’t contact the gear upon return and cause PME. It also allows you to use a stronger spring for the same FPS without losing trigger response and efficiency, which also helps prevent PME. Typically when folks SS the sector, they also remove the same amount of teeth off the release side of the piston, because those teeth become unnecesssary, and are just dead weight. Some people will SS the pickup side of the sector, but that can cause feeding and airseal issues due to tapper timing, so most often it’s off the release side.

One tooth is about 15 FPS (Usually), and he’s probabky judging the amount of PME he expects and SSing appropriately. For instance, above 30 RPS you get into range of PME with pistons of above 25 grams or so. I run a gun that does 37, and it has a three-tooth SS to prevent PME. And it uses a PDI 190% spring. Weaker springs equal more SSing needed, since the piston return time is slower.
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lol… wanker guns…

Around my field I’m considered the wanker gunner for what I build, which really isn’t that nuts. If only they knew…
The closest I’ve gotten to something that’s truly a wanker gun is a 16:1 DSG I recently put together, which does about 40 RPS. It doesn’t go to the field with me, though.

I do see a tactical advantage in certain scenarios for a relatively fast ROF (on field that allow full auto usage), but above about 30 RPS I’ve found that it doesn’t make much difference. You can’t really suppress any better, and the only thing you’re doing is scaring the noobs a tiny bit more than they already are (assuming you have any kind of upgraded gun).
Video sound isn’t great, but for an “ootb” AEG I think that sounds pretty darn good (the gearbox noise at least). The price tag does lessen the effect somewhat, but there are tons of very expensive AEGs that are also heckin’ noisy stock.
Looks like a super neat rifle! I’d honestly just really hope that the FPS consistency issue doesn’t lie with the cylinder/cylinder head design. It’s not horrible, but on the first two springs I noted a spread of 5 FPS (in between 392 and 402, for example), which will probably limit the stock effective range of the rifle, if indeed all of them are like this. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t be worried, as on most AEGs you can change and modify parts to work like you need, but if it‘s something with the design itself, that could be extremely hard to remedy. Obviously it could just be this one rifle, and it could be something other than the compression design, such as the hop rubber, but there’s no good way to tell without some testing.

…This is me being overly nitpicky guys, I’m not always determined to poop on every party…
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You’re definitely not wrong—most people literally won’t care or notice. However, I do believe that when we start talking about the DMR role of this rifle, nitpicks folks like us will start caring about a 2.5% FPS difference, since it‘s a heck of a lot more important past 75 yards. For example, over 75 yards a 2.5% slope amounts to 5.6 feet up or down. How the FPS actually relates to the rotational inertia imparted to the BB and how that actually relates to flight path variance, is unfortunately something I do not have any numbers for—the math is way over my head! I can speak from experience though and say that I’ve seen huge improvements in accuracy when the FPS is fine tuned. The inconsistent FPS OCD is probably mostly a me issue, but I just love getting my rifles to that near perfect consistency.
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I get duplicate readings a fair amount on one of my long range M4s, but nothing better than that, which is to be expected—you can’t beat bolt action for consistency.
I wasn’t intending to equate the two. My example was meant to illustrate the point that small margins become large ones over enough distance.
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It seems to be a common myth that HPA guns are both more accurate and shoot harder, regardless of what the barrel setup is or what the joules are. I recently walked up to a guy messing with his HPA DMR and asked what the range was. He replied with “farther than any gun anyone has on this field”, and I asked, ”Well, how far is that?”

When he said 80 yards I almost laughed out loud. Not that 80 yards is a small distance (if we’re talking about about effective range), but I know for a fact that at least two other players besides myself can place hits on targets that far on windless days, and the certainty of the proclamation surprised me. (he proceeded to not out range everyone else on the field)
You see a fair amount of people at my field using weights above .30g, but most of those are extremely cheap .30s, and you can almost just write it off as an accuracy upgrade since they’re putting these in stock Lancers… and many don’t know how to adjust the hop units. You’d be shocked at how many people think the 15 yards of flight BBs with no hop get is actually normal for stock guns.
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But muh wallet!!

Confirmation bias mate, but the myths are amazing.......
They are indeed.
Daaaang, that cylinder volume! It’s still gaining joule creep at 578mm… It’s completely impractical, but imagine a 650mm. Or .69g ceramics :oops:.
My field only chronoes in FPS… Ah, the temptation. 😬
I haven’t played in a while, but it’s actually on my list to talk to the field owner about. I was mostly joking about “cheating”, but there are a couple of HPA folks that I‘m pretty sure are gaining some joules, whether intentionally or not. Tbh I’m probably one of two or three players who actually knows what joule creep is. The field owner and some of the staff were having a conversation about it and none of them really knew what it was. (It is kinda mystical until you understand :p)
I actually believe that most of the folks aren’t trying to cheat chrono (if they truly are), and my attempt would mainly be meant to raise awareness that it is possible to raise your energy through JC, and that it especially happens with HPA guns. I’m not an HPA expert by any means, and I might be crazy here, but what let me on to the joule creep that might be going on, is one player’s polarstar. He’s a good honest player, so no blame on him, but the thing has tons of barrel pop firing .30s out of a 450mm inner, which leads me to believe it’s way overvolumed and getting JC. That, and the fact that a shot fractured my finger at 10 meters.
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