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Silverback MDR-X

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Intriguing. Probably over-engineered. I'm pondering how solid it could be as a long-range platform...with an Edgi barrel and Warhead motor.

-CNC aluminium wide bore cylinder/upper gearbox (26mm diameter, +19% compared to a standard AEG), including a spring quick change design.
-CNC aluminium cylinder head, NBR piston damper, stainless steel nozzle.
-CNC aluminium ventilated piston head, FKM o-ring, POM glider ring.
-CNC stainless steel & aluminium spring guide, equipped with a thrust bearing. 3 lugs design ensuring a better axial alignment.
- “Tappet plate-less” construction.
-CNC aluminium piston body, hardened MIM steel 16 teeth rack.
-18:1 torque up gear set, hardened MIM steel.
-ADC 12 aluminium gearbox carter, 10mm ball bearing.
-Designed to operate on 11.1V Li-Po batteries (possibility to operate on 7.4V).
-Electronic Trigger Unit, CPU motor control, gear cycle and fire selector position detection by Hall Effect sensor. 2 mosfets for power, 1 mosfet for active braking.
-Neodymium high-torque motor 19000RPM (11.1V), short axis.
-Silver-plated wiring, Teflon coated.

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I actually had a tan one from amped in my cart yesterday and I hesitated on pulling the trigger and it looks like they're all gone. I really am not comfortable forking over that kind of money for a completely unproven system, and I think it's best that I wait for some more reviews to come out. Airsoft CamMan posted a social post yesterday saying his initial impressions are "Meh". I would like to know more about what made his reaction be so unenthused.
Well, as you say - fair play! There are more reviews filtering in, and people on the user groups discover little factoids. For example, the stock barrel is pretty good but it's also very slightly wider than other AEG barrels, hence swapping them out can create feeding issues. Easy fix but I'm sure there are more tweaks to come.
I heard the same thing regarding the barrel, and it may mean issues with alternative hop buckings. Based off of the videos I have seen the motor seems really slow, albeit with pretty respectable torque. To that extent emailed Silverback about brushless motor compatibility with their ETU. They said that they tested with a Solink and it was not compatible but they said owners have reported that Warhead motors worked, but they haven't confirmed that for themselves.
You can either take some emery cloth/wet and dry to the barrel and gently thin it out (less than 1mm overall) or use a softer rubber, or both. I've heard the same regarding Warhead motors but I'm just going to wait a little longer until some more tests are reported. So many folks have theirs at this point it's only a matter of time :)
Yeah, I just need to put my patience pants on at this point and wait for the reviews to roll in. My concern is going to be less with the buckings fitting the OEM barrel and more as to what extent I'm going to need to modify an aftermarket barrel to fit in it. I can sand down a barrel if it's too big and get a snug fit, but I have less confidence when the barrel is a proverbial hotdog down the hallway that is the outer barrel/ hop unit.
Interesting. I hadn't figured that it was the alignment grooves that were causing that issue, interesting that it appears to be the lynchpin in the feeding issues whereas I would have figured that would be caused by sloppy tolerances on a smaller OD barrel. Learn something new every day
It's definitely a more than a little disconcerting that the hop is less then stellar. For all the hype I see around the SRS I figured Silverback would have knocked the hopup out of the park. It's also not hard to follow the logic that if something so integral to the precision characteristics of the gun was not fully thought through, what other specialized components have similar oversights?

I'd be interested to see if anyone gets around to making a hopup for this thing in the first place. Seems like an excessively niche market to design a hopup for a one-off, proprietary system that costs over $600 out the door. But I hope I'm wrong.

there is a certain amount of missing functionality which might well turn people off paying the best part of £600 for an AEG.
If I'm being brutally honest you are very correct. Even at half that asking price I would expect an ETU, and you can even find some programmable options for less than that. $600 is understandable for a very specialized replica: at a certain point you stop paying for performance and start paying for the opportunity cost of a unique platform. That's not to say that said platform at that price range shouldn't have competitive performance.
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New review dropped. That gearbox sounds pretty rough. :(
I figured that a lot of 1st generation woes are going to be present with this initial run. This is not only the AEG that Silverback has made, but it's also the first run of a completely novel gearbox design.

On the other hand I still kind of expected better fit-and-finish for a $600 gun, between the receiver wobble, and the gearbox shimming.
I agree, I think that this thing needs a little more time in the oven so to speak. I really like the innovation and I am wanting to support companies that take risks to break the mold to move the sport forward. But it's hard to justify the price tag when there are things that I would expect to be non-issues on a replica at half the price. If I got this gun I would shim it before I even pulled the trigger by the sounds of it. I also shouldn't have to fabricate body shims on a gun out of the box.
Follow up video taking down the gearbox
TL;DW on the unhappy noises from the gearbox is that it seems like motor is being forced to engage the bevel gear at an angle due to said gear being too far out.
The fact that you have to fix it almost guarantees I’ll never own one.
All these guys are also raving about how Silverback does a great job about taking critique on the chin and then making it better. I hope a revision is on the horizon to make it better. I did see a video about the performance of the platform and he said it was quite good out of the box. If I can find it again I'll link it here
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It would be nice if there was a jumper or dip switch to disable active breaking as well for gen 2 for people who wanted to use brushless motors
Honestly one thing that doesn't cease to amaze me is how...rudimentary the ETU appears to be. Wire jumpers and separate trigger boards? The fact that the ETU isn't programmable on the fly like a Perun or Gate when Double Eagle can put a Titan clone in a $180 SMG is actually beyond me. For $600 in 2023 I do expect a programmable etu that doesn't require jumpers
I figure it's some concession towards that, however I know of a lot of guns with ETUs that either come software or mechanically locked to semi only.

My point was just that I would expect some programmability of the ETU at that price point. Especially when things like active breaking are enabled by default.
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