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Silverback Tac41

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Just got my sba tac41 a few days ago.
I do not have time to run a full review at one phase so I will post in segments when I have time to look at different aspects of the rifle.

First thing first, this rifle is solid.
Feels just as it should, the barrel really free floats in the stock, the handling is smooth and everything works as supposed to.
Assembly and dissasembly is quite simple also.

Today it's the cylinder unit.
The piston bodies are compatible, just as the piston heads. As you see already installed the sear end on a VMP. For the removal I just used the nut included with the VMP and a screwdriver as a lever through the piston side hole. It also fits MouseFart piston head.

The good news is, since the cylinder head is full cncd so the brakes works even better than on the SRS. The 'bad' news is I had to install an other bumper O ring on the brake as you see (will be included in all MF order from now on). This required because the original piston head is 1mm longer, and with the MF the sear end slides 1mm further, so the sear can not engage the piston. With the extra O ring as a temporarly solution it works as intended. Already changed the design on MF1.4 to adapt this.

Regard muzzle energy and noise output you can expect about the same as in the SRS with similar setup. The sound is a little sharper and springy twang, but these are just the very first shots I took without optimaliseation. Racking of the bolt is very smooth already, got to get used to the old style bolt loading again 😅

The engagement of the sear is really effortless just as it should be, more on that on the trigger group segment.
So far happy!

Until next post feel free to post questions if you have any so I can take a look at those parts specially.
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So Silverback just released news about their TAC-41, called the A version with a tactical stock not unlike the Maple Leaf counterpart or the VSR

In my personal opinion it looked ugly as sin since the stock doesn't quite mesh with the receiver, but hey at least we have the long mags (which unfortunately also doesn't mesh with the original 41p too well aesthetically)

They also released their match trigger upgrades and the carbon barrel option.
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