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Custom SL9 SD - 490 FPS

Internal Upgrades
Guarder Bore Up Nozzle
Guarder SP130 Spring
King Arms 8mm Bearings
Guarder 70% Bucking (Black)
Guarder Bore Up Cylinder Head
CA Wire Set + Mosfet
Guarder Infinite Torque Gears
Madbull Steel Half Tooth Piston
Guarder M16 Bore Up Cylinder
King Ars Selector Switch
DB Customs 590mm 6.01 Tight Bore
Precision Metal Hop Up
Hummer 1100 Short Torque Motor
King Arms 8mm Gearbox

External Upgrades
Star 20rnd Mag
Rock Ridge Harris Bipod
Bipod Adapter
G&P Cantilever Mount
Leapers 3-9x40 Rubber Armored Scope
Star H&K Suppressor
Star SL9 Conversion Kit


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Very nice, doesn't look like you're going to run out of ammo any time soon. Man you love those stock spacers, then again I think I'd use the same amount if I had one. The suppressor looks awesome but you should try to make an entire SD barrel.

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Looks good but uh... You might want to attach a trigger & gearbox to her, so it actually will work

Looks really nice though, just please don't ever rock one of those bigger style mags, small 20 rounders are the way to go.

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Looks nice, My mate has 1, made by star aswell. He tryed to sell it to me, but I just coundn't get on with the pistol grip/ Thumb hole thingy. I think its because I have quite big hands it just didn't feel right, so I declined the offer. Still, nice to look at.
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